Scuba Diving in Okinawa's Southern Seas

Scuba diving in Okinawa's southern seas offers a dynamic variety of sea life, landscapes and conditions. We are conveniently located just 20 minutes from Naha Airport and next door to the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa. Steep walls, robust currents, gentle slopes, small protected coves, coral mazes and pure white sands, all with their own unique marine species, can be found within the range of our boat, the Southern Explorer! In fact, boat diving is the only way to reach most of the amazing southern dive sites. 


Itoman Dive Sites


  1. Uenchi Table Corals - 5 minutes travel time. The shallow areas of the reef are covered in stony table corals, staghorns and other SPS types.  The rocky reef fingers give way to white sands at about 50fsw. Hundreds of reef fish, 5 species of anemone fish, green sea turtles and white tips reef sharks can be seen here.
  2. Castle Reef - 10 minutes travel time.  locally known as Nashiro Oki, this site is a large, dome shaped, coral covered rock, protruding from the white sand.  Garden eels are inhabit the south west side of the dome at about 65 fsw.  Near the eels in an indent in the dome are hundreds of schooling glass cardinalfish and pigmy sweepers. Coral hinds hang out near the schools and predate on the smaller fish.  The mound peaks at about 30 fsw where various reef fish circle in small schools. 
  3. Tokomasari Reef - 10 minutes travel time from the marina it is one of our favorite drift diving sites.  Like Muuki Reef, Tokomasari rises from the depths to form a reef only accessible by boat.  Napoleon fish, dog tooth tuna, sea turtles, grand trevally, and white tips all frequent these waters. Great for drift diving, and covered with hard corals, Tokomasari's maximum depth is 100fsw.
  4. Twin Rocks - 15 minutes travel time. This site consists of two large rock pinnacles rising up from a depth of 115fsw.  Undulating sea fans are an indication of the areas high currents. Dog tooth tuna, barracuda schools and spotted eagle rays are frequent inhabitants.
  5. Cape Kyan - 20 minutes travel time.  Just below the Kyan Lighthouse, divers will encounter enormous rock structures jutting up through the crystal clear water.  A labyrinth of cracks, crevasses and swim-throughs is home to hundreds of reef fish.  Depths of over 100fsw are easily reachable.
  6. Cape Ara - 20 minutes travel time. This is Okinawa's southern most tip.  Marked by a large canyon ending in a tunnel, Ara Point is covered in colorful stoney coral. The bottom drops out here and depths in excess of 150fsw are common.
  7. Yamashiro Coast - 25 minutes travel time.  There is a pure white sand basin, the size of football field, at about 80fsw.  Towering coral mounds surround the basin.  Sea turtles and flying fish are commonly seen.
  8. Channel Crevasses - 30 minute travel time.  The white sands between the fingers of colorful corals creates a wonderful contrast.  Like a maze, Channel Crevasses consists of canyons, tunnels and swim-throughs.  Schools of barracuda and pyramid butterfly fish are frequently seen as well as sea turtles and stingrays.

Rukan Reef


25 to 30 minutes travel time.  Boat diving in Okinawa is the only way to get to this amazing dive site. The east side's dynamic landscape is visually stunning.  Maximum depth on the east side is over 130fsw. Drift diving along the vertical, sea fan covered walls is is a great way to dive this site.  Goldspot seabream and yellowfin goatfish are seen schooling at about 100fsw. Occasionally large pelagic fish and turtles can be seen.   The west side gently slopes down to 80fsw.  Sea turtles and white tip reef sharks are frequently spotted. The southern end is inhabited by schooling dog tooth tuna, black baraccuda, green sea turtles and Australian brown sea snakes.