Southern Okinawa Dive Videos

We were incredibly lucky to find this Zebra Shark to add to our Okinawa Dive Pictures and Okinawa Dive Videos galleries!

Drift diving at Tokomasari Reef Okinawa Japan.

Sea Turtle Swim in Okinawa, Japan

Diving Rukan Atoll / ルカン礁ダイビング

Flame Orange Anemone at Kyan Lighthouse Okinawa, Japan

Big Okinawa Stingray

Even bigger Okinawa Stingray.

Big Gray Reef Shark

The tiniest Sea Horse!

Pair of White Tips

Swimming with Another Sea Turtle

Ishigaki Mantas

White tip at Cape Kyan.

Gurukun and Sea Turtle Okinawa Japan

 Big Friendly Sea Snake Okinawa Japan

Some great drone footage of one of our dive sites. Thanks to OTS Drone Club https://www.otsdrone.com

Close up with Rukan Atoll sea turtle.

All the garden eels at Nashiro Oki.

Tuna at Rukan Atoll