Boat Diving in Okinawa


Itoman Boat Diving

Boat Diving in Okinawa is a great way to enjoy your next scuba diving adventure! Our divemaster, Charles, will be your dive buddy and guide. He loves showing divers around our southern dive sites.  Whether you are new to diving or more advanced, Charles will customize your diving adventure to meet your skill levels and preferences. We visit sites like, Cape Kyan, Channel Crevasses, and the Uenchi Table Corals. Tokomasari Reef and Rukan Atoll are also available for some amazing drift dives. Our boat leaves from Itoman Fisharina, just south of Naha Airport, and is within 5 -30 minutes of any of our dive sites. 

2 dives Y13,000. 1-6 divers

3 dives Y16,000. 1-4 divers

Snorkelers Y6,000.

*If you are US Military please ask for special rates.

Boat Diving Rental Gear